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Frequently found here: Anything having to do with Gustaf Skarsgård (including Vikings, of course), The Killing, Hannibal, Once Upon a Time, Hemlock Grove, SportingKC, as well as whatever other random things I find that catch my easy distracted attention.

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Hemlock Grove Live Chat at the Dome.

Wednesday night, October 9th at 9:00 EDT

Episode 7: Measure of Disorder
Book Chapters 22-23
          Those Who Are Able, We Invite You to Rise
          A Measure of Disorder

These live chats have been a blast so far. It is very casual, everyone is invited, and you do not have to have participated before.

Where: The Dome’s ‘Live Chat’  room. Go to our home page by clicking on the house button that you see in the top left of the screen. Once on the home screen, you will see a button for ‘Live Chat’ there. Click on it to enter the chat room.  Experiment ahead of time if you want to!


How: Have the episode ready to roll on Netflix when we start. We’ll try to all start watching as close to simultaneously as we can manage.  Either download or buy the book, if you wish, but not required.

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