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Frequently found here: Anything having to do with Gustaf Skarsgård (including Vikings, of course), The Killing, Hannibal, Once Upon a Time, Hemlock Grove, SportingKC, as well as whatever other random things I find that catch my easy distracted attention.

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Upcoming chat nights at The Dome, as we celebrate a month featuring Gustaf Skarsgård.  All film chats start at 9 p.m. EDT - check the shoutbox at the Dome (skarsgard.yuku.com) for a link just before 9 on each of the listed dates.

Don’t forget, we also convene in the chatroom every Thursday night to chat as we watch Vikings (and on Friday nights for Grimm and Hannibal). 



Joel Kinnaman in Den Osynlige (The Invisible) 2002

Join us at the Dome for the second movie night in our celebration of Gustaf Skarsgard, on Monday, 4/14 at 9 pm EDT as we watch and chat about his 2002 film Den Osynlige/The Invisible. 

From imdb: “After an attack leaves him in limbo, invisible to the living and also near death, a teenager discovers the only person who might be able to help him is his attacker.”

This is also Joel Kinnaman’s first movie, and the only movie that these two best friends have done together. So this is a special night! Please join us!

The link to watch will be announced in the shoutbox at The Dome shortly before we’re due to start.



2x1 Kaiseki / 2x7 Yakimono

You kept my standing appointment open?
And you’re right on time.

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Earl Ingstad? Earl Ingstad! You bear a strong resemblance to my ex-wife.

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suuuuuuper quick speedpaint


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Sporting KC TV Network: Aurelien Collin Looks Back at MLS Cup

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